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Benefits of Pet Boarding

It's an issue faced by most pet owners at some point - what to do with your pet when you are planning a vacation, or have been called away suddenly Read More

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid If you're a pet owner, it's your job to make sure you're doing everything you can to take care of your pets. Here's what you can do to Read More

Pet Laser Therapy FAQs

How Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet Heal Faster Are you thinking of taking your dog for laser therapy but unsure if it will be an effective treatment? Perhaps your dog Read More

The Importance of Dental Health for Your Horse

Your horse has unique equine dentistry needs. While many people are unaware of a horse’s dental needs, at Perkins Veterinary Clinic, serving Stillwater and Perkins, we understand your horse's needs. Read More

The Importance of Routine Pet Exams

Pets trust their owners for everything. You provide food, shelter, love, and healthcare. Part of that healthcare for your pet involves routine pet exams. This could be an annual pet Read More

What to Know before Boarding Your Pet

Are you planning a trip and are unable to take your pet? Animal boarding is one option, even for longer trips. Here at Perkins Veterinary Clinic in Stillwater, we provide Read More

What is the Best Age for Your Pet to be Spayed or Neutered?

If you are welcoming a new pet into your home, it is important to get him or her spayed or neutered. Not only will spaying or neutering help ease the Read More

The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

The Importance of Pet Vaccinations Vaccinations are an important part of helping your pet live a long, healthy life. When your pets have all of their vaccinations, it strengthens their immune Read More

How Often Should Your pet Visit The Veterinarian

How Often Should Your Pet Visit the Veterinarian? As a responsible pet owner, you make sure your pets visit the veterinarian for a pet exam on a regular schedule. Along with Read More

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Advantages of Pet Boarding Services in Stillwater Making plans to take care of your pets while going on a vacation or traveling out of town for a few days is always Read More

Importance of Equine Dentistry

Perkins Vet Clinic Veterinary Services in Stillwater: Why It is Important to Take Care of Your Equine's Dental Health Ensuring that your horses' dental health is in tip top shape is Read More

Pet Boarding Services

Pet Boarding at Our Vet Clinic in Perkins Many pets love to go on road trips. But, unfortunately, some trips have to be taken alone, and they can’t always tag along Read More

Viewing 1 - 12 out of 12 posts