Dodger's Miracle

Dodger is a beautiful lab mix who is a very beloved family dog , she is a sweetheart and loves everyone. Dodger is a daughter of  "Nikki" who was a  full blood black lab that had been a huge part of the family for a very long time. Chris, Dodger's human,  called Perkins Veterinary Clinic so upset that Dodger and her sister Riley had gotten into a fight. It made Chris sick to see this happen, they have had Dodger since she was born and she has always been a family dog.

 When Dodger was presented to the clinic she had multiple bite wounds, lacerations all over her body, an aural hematoma, torn lower lip, and was missing teeth.  Dr. Charette evaluated Dodger's condition and ensured that there were no other internal injuries to worry about. Once Dr. Charette was sure that Dodger could handle surgery she was anesthetized, her wounds were surgically debrided, lavaged, and then scrubbed with surgical antiseptic to remove any contaminants. Dr. Charette sutured all of the lacerations, re-attached her lip and sutured the laceration in it, and then repaired the aural hematoma which is a condition where the skin on the ear and its cartilage separate, then it fills with blood which clots and forms a hematoma. Dodger was sent home the next day to recover with her family. Dr. Charette said that she would be back to running, playing, and doing everything she loved in no time.

            Dodger had some restrictions so that she would not rip out any of the stitches. She was able to eat regular dog food because they chew with there back teeth.  She came in two weeks later and looked wonderful! Chris was amazed at how fast Dodger recovered from the accident. She is now an all inside dog so that her sister can not pick on her anymore. Chris said that it was a real miracle how Perkins Veterinary Clinic helped Dodger, and we think Dodger is a miracle also.

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