Pet Grooming

Importance of Keeping Your Pet Clean

Pet hygiene not only improves your pet’s appearance, it helps keep him in good health. If your pet spends a good amount of time outdoors, chances are he’ll pick up dirt, debris, and germs along the way. Keeping your pet clean helps keep him looking and feeling like new. If you live in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, you can bring your kit or pup to Perkins Veterinary Clinic for the pet hygiene help you need. Here’s what you can expect from our veterinary team.

Pet Grooming


Bathing your pet cleanses his skin and fur of dirt, grime, debris, and germs that can lead to sickness and disease. It removes pet odor, decreases shedding, reduces allergy symptoms, and leaves your pet’s fur shiny, healthy, and clean. We use quality pet bathing products that are safe and effective in keeping your pet healthy and clean.


Brushing helps remove dead fur and skin, eliminates matting, and stimulates natural oils to give your pet’s fur a healthy sheen. When brushing your pet, we’ll take time to check his body for signs of fleas, skin infections, or health issues that need medical treatment. Brushing your pet’s fur at home in between vet visits can be a good bonding experience.

Nail Clipping

Overgrown claws can present serious health risks to your pet and increases his chances of having an accident. We’ll ensure your pet’s nails are clipped safely and properly to avoid painful infections and conditions.

Tooth Brushing

Like people, pets are susceptible to dental problems and periodontal disease. Our Jacksonville veterinarian can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth at home to keep his gums and teeth clean. We’ll also recommend dental products that can improve the health of your pet’s teeth.

See Our Perkins, OK, Vet for Help with Your Pet’s Hygiene

To schedule pet hygiene help to enhance the health and appearance of your kit or pup, contact us at Perkins Veterinary Clinic at (405) 547-2442.

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