Pet Exams

Pet Exams and Preventive Care from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

We at Perkins Veterinary Clinic are a veterinary clinic in Perkins, OK, and we are dedicated to providing vet care to our pet patients through our veterinarian staff. Our range of services is focused on supporting good health and a long lifespan for your pets. We are here to help. 

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Preventive Care

Providing your pet with access to a veterinarian is the first step in preventive care. When you bring him in for an appointment, we will do an examination. The exam can help allow a vet on our team to bond with your pet while checking him for any abnormalities. Pets coming in for the first time might also be given their vaccinations, which are given thereafter on an annual basis.

As the exam progresses, we may ask questions about any signs you may have seen indicating a change in your pet's behavior, eating habits, energy level, etc. 

Based on the diagnosis, a wellness plan to address any current health issues or if there are indications of a potential health issue will be discussed. This could include things such as flea and tick prevention, and dietary plans. 

The exam may indicate the pet has dental problems, internal or external parasites, or dermatology problems. Whatever health issues your pet may be experiencing, our team will work to get your companion in top condition. 

Our Services

At our clinic, we offer a range of services to support quality care for your pet. Our clinic provides laser therapy, spay and neuter surgery, acupuncture, and vaccinations, among other things. Your pet's dental health is also important, and we take care of dental issues for dogs, cats, and horses. 

To help keep your pet looking his best, we have pet grooming services, and to help keep them safe, we offer microchipping. When you plan to be away and you want your friend taken care of, we have boarding available. 

Visit Us for a Pet Exam from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Take the first step in supporting your pet's health and schedule an appointment with us at Perkins Veterinary Clinic in Perkins, OK, so we can do a check-up for an overview of your animal’s current health. Call us at (405) 547-2442 for a pet exam from a veterinarian on our veterinary team. We are here to help you preserve your pet’s health.

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