Spay & Neuter

An Overview of Spay & Neuter from Perkins Veterinary Clinic

At Perkins Veterinary Clinic, we provide complete pet care from a trained veterinarian in Stillwater and Perkins. This includes spay and neuter procedures. Learn more about these operations below!


Spay and Neuter

Owning a pet means having a friend that is going to provide you with unconditional love no matter what. At the same time, owning a pet also comes with major responsibilities. It is important for pet owners to make sure that their pets have access to the same level of healthcare as their human loved ones. This means finding a reliable veterinarian. One of the most important vet procedures that all pet owners should have completed is a spay or neuter procedure. For those who might not know, spay & neuter refers to removing the reproductive organs of puppies and kittens. Spay is the female version of the procedure and neuter is the male version.

There are several reasons why these procedures are so important. When pet owners have a spay or neuter procedure completed, this is going to prevent the pet from having puppies or kittens. This is important for controlling the animal population. There are already too many pets that end up in shelters because their owners cannot care for them. When pet owners invest in a spay or neuter procedure, they avoid adding to the population of animals in the shelters. In addition, having a spay or neuter procedure done means preventing the pet’s hormones from going haywire, making them easier to control. Also, female pets will not go into heat. It is important for pet owners to know how a spay or neuter procedure is done.

How Is a Spay or Neuter Procedure Performed?

First, it is important to note that a spay or neuter procedure is always performed by a trained vet. Prior to the operation, all your questions will be answered. On the day of the spay or neuter procedure, the veterinarian will use anesthesia to put the pet to sleep for the duration of the procedure. Then, he or she will carry out the procedure in accordance with best practices. Then, the pet will be closed and taken to an area to wake up in a comfortable setting. Usually, a few follow-up questions will be necessary to make sure the pet is recovering from the spay or neuter procedure properly.

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