Eve's Miracle

Jamie is one of our devoted technicians here a Perkins Veterinary Clinic, and after taking care of everyone else's pets here at the clinic she ventured home only to find that her own dog Eve was not feeling well. Eve is like a child to Jamie, and she was terrified when she saw that Eve was so sick.  Jamie noticed that Eve had torn up a towel and that parts of the towel were missing.  Very concerned Jamie knew she had to take her to Perkins Veterinary Clinic to be checked out. Dr. Murray was on duty that day and quickly determined that Eve's intestines were blocked using specialized radiographic techniques and blood work.  After stabilizing Eve's condition Dr. Murray decided that Eve was in need of emergency surgery. Knowing that a surgery like this is often very challenging and required more than 1 person to perform, Dr. Murray decided that it was best to call Dr. Charette in to assist.  Our skilled technicians got Eve ready for anesthesia and the doctors quickly opened up Eve's belly. The blockages (pieces of towel that were missing) were located in her descending colon (part of the intestines) and an enterotomy (incision into the intestines) was performed to remove them, the doctors also discovered that Eve had swallowed a bone and it was lodged just inside her anus in her colon, this area is very difficult to reach surgically without cutting her pelvis in half, so those pieces were removed by Dr. Murray rectally while Eve was still under anesthesia. Eve really was a lucky girl on this day, not only did she have a foreign body lodged in her colon she also had developed a life threatening pyometra which may not have been noticed so quickly if she didn't have to have surgery for her blockage. This is a condition where the uterus in an intact female becomes infected, usually while the dog is in heat, and then fills with puss. Dr. Murray and Dr. Charette determined the best course of action for Eve's health was to remove the uterus before it ruptured. So they performed an Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)  to remove the infected uterus. Eves abdomen was then explored to ensure there were no more blockages and that everything else in her abdomen looked normal.  Her abdomen was cleaned out using a specialized physiologically balanced fluid and then sutured closed.  Eve was placed on intravenous fluids to help her flush the toxins out of her system. She was also placed on antibiotics to fight any infection still present and pain medication to make sure that she was comfortable. Jamie couldn't believe how quickly Eve recovered and was very grateful for the doctors attention to detail. Jamie said that the doctors at Perkins Veterinary Clinic treated her baby (Eve) just like she was their own personal pet, but she wasn't surprised because that's how they look at all of their patients. That's why she brings her pets to Perkins Veterinary Clinic.

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