Nalas Miracle

Nala is a South African Boerboel, and Nala is not only a pet, but she has a job. She protects the livestock at her home and also her residence. Tom, Nalas human was  very concerned when he noticed tom_n_nala.jpg that Nala was having trouble running and turning. Tom knew that without Nala functioning at 100% the residence and livestock would not be safe.  So he immediately brought her in to Perkins Veterinary Clinic to have her checked out. While here Nala was seen by Dr. Charette.  
Dr. Charette did a thorough exam of Nala and quickly determined that Nala had ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This ligament is the same injury that you always hear human athletes rupture, only its called an Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in humans, Nala is a canine athlete. The cranial cruciate ligament  is a ligament in the knee that keeps the top of the tibia (bottom bone in the knee joint)  from rotating inward and sliding forward. Unlike in humans, the dogs cranial cruciate ligament  is always loaded and being used when the pet is standing up.  Tom consulted with Dr. Charette and discussed  the options associated with this injury. Tom knew immediately that Nala needed her knee fixed and quickly scheduled her surgery with Dr. Charette.  Nala came to the right place, Dr. Charette has a passion for orthopedic surgery and is very skilled in repairing this particular injury. 
The day of surgery Tom brought Nala in and dropped her off for her short stay,  he knew she would be well taken care of by our skilled and caring staff. Tom said,  he really appreciated the knowledge and professionalism possessed at this clinic .  Pets that have this surgery to fix their knee have to stay in the hospital a few days after the surgery. The surgery itself went very well, the remaining fragments of the old ligament were removed,  the rest of the joint was evaluated for other damage, and then an artificial ligament was placed to stabilize the knee. Nalas recovery was very smooth, and she was able to go home a day earlier than expected. When she went home, Tom took great care of Nala and followed all of Dr. Charettes instructions meticulously. At each one of Nalas recheck exams she was progressing very well and was healing faster than we expected her to. After Nalas last exam, Tom reports that she is back to 100%, she is doing her job and feeling great, he never believed Nala would ever be back to working and running as well as she is.  Tom also reports that Nala has a boyfriend and she will soon be ready to have  puppies. 
We are so happy that Nala was able to recover so quickly and that she is doing so well. Nala is an awesome dog and everyone at the clinic loves her, she is a very sweet girl. 

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