Pets are vulnerable to viruses just like humans and should be vaccinated regularly to prevent serious illnesses. At Perkins Veterinary Clinic our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing the pet owners in Stillwater with proper veterinary care. We are here to help ensure your pet receives regular vaccinations for the diseases that pose a serious threat to his or her health.


What Are Vaccines For?

Vaccines are used to prevent viruses from infecting animals and causing diseases. Animal immune systems have natural agents called antibodies that protect the body from viruses. When a pet is infected with a virus, the body will produce antibodies to fight it off.

Vaccines introduce a controlled amount of viral material into the system of an animal. That viral material forces the immune system to produce antibodies, giving the pet temporary immunity to the virus. Vaccines must be tightly controlled and regulated, but they help prevent the spread of serious illnesses in people and animals.

When to Vaccinate Your Pets

Pets should be vaccinated regularly. There are many common viruses’ that pets should be immunized against. The frequency of these vaccinations depends on the disease and the age of the animal. Keep your pet on a regular vaccination schedule from the time it’s born to ensure the vaccines are effective at preventing illness. Most vaccines are only effective for a certain amount of time and must be re-administered according to a schedule to continue to work. If there are gaps in your pet’s vaccination history, your pet may become susceptible to disease.

Vaccinating Your Pets at Different Life Stages

Vaccinations are a preventative measure and therefore must continue throughout a pet’s life to protect the animal from illness. As pets age, the immune system changes and the pet becomes susceptible to different diseases.

Puppies may need certain shots more frequently because they have weaker immune systems than adult dogs. Likewise, younger, more active pets are more at risk for certain diseases than older, sedentary pets.  It’s important to extend the same care to your pets as you would a child to prevent illness throughout the pets’ lifetime. Your pet's vaccination regimen will reflect the life stage it's in and should be decided by a veterinarian.

Sleep Well Knowing Your Pets Are Protected

Protect your pets from life-threatening illnesses like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and many more. For the best pet care in Stillwater, Perkins, and the surrounding communities, visit Perkins Veterinary Clinic. We’re here to answer your questions and keep your pets safe from serious diseases. Call us today at (405) 547-2442 to book an appointment.

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