Sweetie Pie's Miracle

sweetie_pie_hovis_005.jpg While her parents went on vacation Sweetie Pie was supposed to have a vacation of her own with the pet sitter. Unfortunately, a few days into vacation Sweetie Pie was hanging out with the sitter's son who did not know she was not allowed outside unsupervised. She took off and was gone for a couple of hours and when she came back she was limping and bleeding. Her sitter rushed her over to the clinic and was desperately trying to get a hold of her owners who were out of the country. Sweetie Pie had a large open wound on her ankle and her belly was bruised and inflamed. On further inspection we were able to see that her ankle joint was exposed and a sliver of bone was missing. Dr. Murray was very concerned about infection getting down into the joint. Sweetie Pie was taken to surgery to flush the wound clean and surgically close the area over the exposed bone. She was also started on IV fluids with antibiotics in them to help keep infection from setting in. Dr. Murray was able to close the skin over the bone but a small portion of the wound would have to heal from the inside out. Sweetie stayed at the clinic for daily bandage changes and treatment until her parents came back in town. After the surgery she was pretty sore, but each day she would put more weight on her leg. Two weeks later when she came in to have her sutures removed the wound was all healed and she was running around on all four legs. You would never know that she had such a severe injury to her ankle. We would all love to know what happened to Sweetie Pie that day. She may never tell us, but the most important thing is with all the loving care from her parents, and the attentive care of the staff at Perkins Veterinary Clinic Sweetie is living life to the fullest.

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