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****May Special****

Receive a free Intestinal Parasite screening for your pet with a wellness exam

May is parasite awareness month. Parasites are creatures that live off of you and your pet. Parasites use up some resource from their host so that they can live. Some good examples are fleas and ticks drinking blood, or intestinal worms using up nutrients before the host does which leads to malnutrition.  Most bigstock_groupofdogscatsSMALL.jpgparasites won't kill immediatley, but overtime can be very dangerous. The CDC recommends you test your pet for intestinal parasites at least 2 times a year and that you preventatively deworm them quarterly.  This is because many of the parasites your pet gets, you can get. Hook worms can migrate through your skin (cutaneous larval migrans) just by stepping on one while walking bare foot outside. If you injest a roundworm egg you could not only get roundworms, but you would also be at risk for ocular larval migrans ( larvae of the worm migrates through your eyeball!!!) To ensure your protection as well as your pets be sure to check them for worms 2 times a year and preventativley deworm them at least once a year. Also keep them on a preventative such as Nexgard,  Frontline or Advantage for external parasites. Come on in and take advantage of this great special. For an appointment call (405) 547-2442 or request an appointment via the web by clicking here.

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