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****June Special****

Get a 10% discount off of any microchip implanted during any anesthetic procedure

June is Microchip Awareness month!!!!!  How can a microchip help to save your pets life? A microchip is a permanent way to identify your pet, it is a small cylindrical chip that is placed under your pets skin between their shoulder blades. It is placed there by injecting it through a large bore needle. After being placed it can not be removed easily, and requires a surgical procedure, so only a veterinarian would be able to remove it. After injection you will not be able to tell there is a microchip there or that they have been implanted, but when they are scanned it will pop up an identification number specific to you and your pet. A microchip is not a homing device, so your pet can not be located by GPS, but if they are found and brought to a Veterinarian or Shelter you will be notified. So your pet will not be destroyed or adopted to someone else if they have a microchip, you will get them back!!!!!   A microchip can be implanted at anytime.

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