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****July Special****

Get 20% off any components of a Cardiac Work up!!!!!!!!

July is the month to get your pet in for a full cardiac work up, if your pet is aging and you have noticed they have been slowing down a bit, or coughing some, or just seems a little off, they have been panting more than usual without a reason to pant,  they may be having issues with their heart. This is a very common condition we see in pets. Here at Perkins Veterinary Clinic we like to take the proactive approach, which means we would like to catch it as early as possible. A full cardiac work-up consists of a CBC/CHEM, an EKG, Radiographs of the chest, Heartworm testing (if applicable), and Blood pressure measurments (10 averaged readings). By doing these tests we can catch most cardiac issues and treat them before they become to serious. So for the month of July, if you do any of the components of the cardiac work up to screen your pet for heart disease we will discount them 20%. Also we will be doing a screening version of the blood pressure  measurments (3 averaged readings) on all geriatric pets for FREE!!!!!!

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